Welcome to Terry Wilson's tribute to
Zippy the Chimp

  Zippy for President

A brief explanation:

Zippy the Chimp was a 'comedy fixture' on dozens of network television programs (many of them live) during the 1950's. During the summer of 2003 I was contacted by Zippy's 'mother' Carole Womack; the woman who actually trained Zippy and accompanied him on many of his live TV excursions
during the 50's and 60's.
In 2008 Carole's book was published and is now available through the following site:

She has asked me to help her connect with Zippy fans around the world to add possible content to her project...letters of personal memories of seeing
Zippy on TV, copies of photos with Zippy the Chimp..or kids with Zippy toys.
  Zippy and Carole; early '50's

Carole and the real deal in the 1950's.
(you may read some examples of Zippy memories that were shared with me at the bottom of this page)

The little book from which the following pictures were taken was first published in 1953 and was a part of my personal library as a child.

During the summer of 1999, I happened to find a copy of the '53 Zippy book in an antique store...(gulp!) and decided to share Zippy's simple wisdom with you.
(Please excuse the minor art modifications and reflections of my sense of humor at the time these were first posted.)


Zippy attempts to explain the "millennium bug"...

and becomes a highly paid consultant to the president!

  From the '53 Zippy the Chimp book

December 1999:
Zippy shows us the safest place to be on NEW YEAR'S EVE !

  From the '53 Zippy the Chimp book

"life is just a bowl of cherries.."

  From the '53 Zippy the Chimp book

The following are examples of unsolicited emails I have gotten since putting the pictures of Zippy on my site ...what started out as a means to entertain myself between projects has developed into sharing a circle of warm nostalgic memories.

January 17, 2003

I owned and loved a Zippy stuffed monkey since 1953 or 1954 when my aunt gave him to me for my 2nd Christmas. He traveled with me everywhere but out of the states. My Dad even had to run back upstairs while a tornado touched down nearby because I was devastated to think Zippy might die if he remained upstairs.
I had him until just a few years ago. He was so rag-tagged from love (even the rubber face was beginning to sort of crumble) that I put him to rest in the garbage one day. I had to do a lot of soul searching to do that. :)
I had no idea there was a book about zippy. I collect books, although only when they are extremely underpriced. Hopefully I will trip across one as you did one day. Loved seeing the pictures though.

January, 2004

I have to thank you so much, I had a zippy as a child, that in my early childhood protected me, I had a very horrible childhood, but zippy was the one thing that kept me happy, he kept my secrets, and was unconditional in his love. You have reminded me of a wonderful friend, thank you so much for your website.

March, 2004

I was delighted to see your website and wanted to let you know that I also have the children's books of Zippy with the pictures you have posted. One is about Zippy's day at school and one is about Zippy's birthday party where he receives a puppy of his own (guess we didn't realize in those days that chimps are omnivorous). I also have a Zippy doll that is still intact, although somewhat the worse for wear. He currently is dressed in his red overalls and a new shirt made for him by my mother, who discovered him several years ago at her house. He now lives on the top shelf of my closet, covered by several t-shirts because my wife is totally creeped out by dolls and animals with the rubbery face and hands of the Zippy doll. Nevertheless, he's not going anywhere.


May, 2004

I know my question may sound strange, but if you could help me solve this riddle, it would greatlly help. I received a poem with the following verse in it: "Like Zippy the Chimp in a Robert Hall suit, rollerskating around in circles." Do you have any idea what this verse is exactly alluding to? Any hints or insights or recounts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to your answer. Best, Maya

(my reply)

I wish I could have been more help, but your Zippy riddle has got me stumped, at the moment. Best regards, Terry

(..a few days later..)

Thanks. I solved it. It comes from a song called Sad Little Monkeys by an 80ies group called Psychodots.

Best, MAYA

June, 2004

Dear Terry, Came across my waterlogged Zippy book recently & was so upset. When I stumbled across your site I was SO excited to see all those photos again. Brought back lots of wonderful childhood memories. Even at 52 we never really grow up :) Thanks again! Marla

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