Professional, high resolution photographic service,
HD video production,
time-tested voice-over experience,
reasonable rates.

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Examples of
2015 and 2016 studio work

Contact Terry through his email:

Terry Wilson has been serious about photography since 1965 when he learned how to process and print images from his first camera, a potato-shaped Brownie (the one with that tiny light leak..)

Today you will find him willing to tackle any media project, including creating HD video and still images for art, commercial and web applications.

Along with the recently-created digital images found on this site, here is a 90 second retrospective video showing a range of film originals, examples of work created between 1963 and 2003.

Guest Blog: Other Thoughts

  The Fastest Man Alive By MICHAEL PERKINS IF THE SUPREME BEING IS CORRECTLY QUOTED, as having proclaimed, at the dawn of time, “Let There Be Light!”, then photographers, since the beginning of their own Creation, have more specifically pleaded, “let there be more...

Reflections of Fall

Recent Projects: Video training series for a culture-free microbiological diagnostic system.   Location child portraiture and professional model portfolio updates for clients in Columbus and Cincinnati January 2nd 2018: This post introduces my Signature Series Gallery...

Time to Bury the Hatchet!

“The nation is divided, half patriots and half traitors, and no man can tell which from which.” Mark Twain 1835-1910 Name-calling dehumanizes people. In our minds, once a person who has the same rights as you and I is turned into something less-than-human, it’s easy...