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2017 Spring and Summer Photo Collection

ECU, or extreme close-up images have always been fun photo challenges for me because of the opportunity to bring others into the tiny detail that for some reason cannot escape my eye. My boyhood home in small-town Ohio was just a block away from 'the woods' in one...

My hour with the King of the Blues

  Meetings with remarkable humans:  B.B. King Although I will admit that many of the encounters I have had with celebrities over my career as a radio host were brief, the hour that I spent with B.B. King in 1990 will remain a high point in my earthly experience. The...

Communication Breakdown

Life, it seems, provides us with too much of a good thing. There was a time when I had but one email. I miss those days, because even as I write this, I notice the subtle background anxiety that I might be missing something and should be checking my email accounts,...