We appear to have been left behind.

2016 has turned into a giant bus, pulling out of the station with a load of well-loved and sure-to-be-missed creative genius and courage.

As I write these words, there is breaking news that Carrie Fisher passed earlier this morning from a heart attack she suffered while on a trans-Atlantic flight two days before Christmas. Considering the damage that could be exacted on a human heart in the amount of time it took to get her into treatment, it is a blessing. I am so sorry for her daughter, her mother and millions of fans who will mourn when they hear the news today.

The loss of Bowie almost immediately after this year dawned hit me hard. I never imagined I would live longer than Glenn Frey or George Michael.

Peppered throughout the last twelve months were so many well-known lights that were extinguished …from the world of music, literature, movies, sports and government.

Then there were the not so well-known, like my mother’s sister Kay and my cousin Barbara.

If you need a complete list of celebrities lost this year…it would be wise to wait until late Saturday before making the final tally.

I’m sure People Magazine and countless websites will list the famous, the regular folks will live on in our memories and through the good deeds they did during their lives.

Sons of Ohio George Voinovich and John Glenn left us this year with the highest and most positive examples of service. I am proud to say I met both men through work in television production; brief meetings that are nonetheless precious in my lifetime of memories.

George’s contributions included; as mayor, saving Cleveland from financial default, as governor, tireless efforts at strengthening Ohio’s business anchors, and as US Senator, Voinovich acted as one of the last true ‘statesmen’ working tirelessly for the benefit of all of the people in the country he loved.

The new movie coming out in early 2017 about the unsung heroes who were behind the magnificent accomplishments of US astronaut John Glenn will certainly keep his story front of mind.

The fact is, despite the mark they made on the world these were all mortals same as you and I and in the final analysis their historic significance is overall of less importance than the love they shared with family and friends.

Those of us left behind are charged with getting back on our feet and doing our part in filling the void, especially in community service and creative ways to solve common problems in our homes.

Give, unconditionally of your time and your love when you can.

Let’s trust that you and I can once again share our joy and sorrow as 2017 comes to an end.

Until then, be generous with yourself and others.

Bright Moments for your 2017.

Note: this was written and published on FB between the time Carrie Fisher passed and when her mother Debbie Reynolds followed her, a day later. Last but not least for the year was William Christopher, who was best-known for his role on M.A.S.H.  who died on new year’s eve.  

Yeh, I know ..people die, but it was symbolically gratifying to see 2016 in the rear view mirror.