"Jazz is an Attitude" is a limited-edition series of seven prints in a presentation portfolio.

What I do, & how I do it...

Bridging Modern Technology and Timeless Craftsmanship

Whether capturing moments in the controlled environment of a studio or amidst the raw beauty of the woods, Terry Wilson seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with timeless craftsmanship. Armed with a full-frame mirrorless HD camera, HE crafts breathtaking images that transcend the ordinary, adapting effortlessly to a diverse range of scenarios.
Embracing the best of both worlds, Terry doesn't just limit himself to the latest digital technologies. His passion for the art of photography extends to the use of antique film cameras, adding a touch of nostalgia and artistry to his work. Each photograph becomes a unique fusion of modern precision and the classic charm of traditional film photography.
With a career spanning over two decades, Terry Wilson has earned a reputation as a specialist in producing and presenting medical and legal education through the lens. His keen eye for detail and commitment to accuracy make him a trusted figure in delivering visual content that is not only captivating but also informative.
He pride himself on being well-equipped for every shoot. If a particular tool or setup is essential for a successful session, rest assured, Terry knows where to find it. His dedication to excellence extends beyond our immediate resources, ensuring that every project, whether in the studio, the woods, or specialized fields like medical and legal education, is executed with precision and finesse.
Discover the perfect blend of innovation and tradition with Terry Wilson's photography. Trust him to capture your moments with a unique touch that transcends time. If it's needed for a successful shoot, he'll make sure we have it or know exactly where to find it!

Unlock Visual Brilliance

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